It’s proven we can financially pump you up...

Has this recession wreaked havoc on your financial health? Are you having difficulty concentrating? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Then read on for beating the odds with DMI to muscle up your business.

In order to stay healthy and grow your assets, a business needs to stay financially fit through exercise (aggressive selling), eating right (healthy profit margins), and keeping off excess weight (only sell products with the biggest return). Don’t worry! DMI can help!

Check out The Great Tone Up for Dealers and Distributors: DMI products offer better profit margins than any other furniture brands.

  • 98% of our products ship fully assembled, eliminating assembly costs in the installation process.
  • Speed up selling and installation with our ALL IN STOCK/SHIP IMMEDIATELY promise. This quickly turns opportunities into orders, orders into shipments, and shipments into cash-- all without carrying the costs of inventory and delayed order processing!

Or Get the Best Look Without Crunching for end users : DMI products offer more value for every dollar spent.

  • The customer gets a much better product than with other competitive brands.
  • More product for the money means freeing up cashflow for critical operational needs. Everybody needs more cash cardio these days!

Want to fit into your overhead this season? Contact us to find out how DMI can improve your financial workout.

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